My Dream, using Airborne Wind Energy to harvest electricity in the sea.

Our universities TU Delft, Fraunhofer in Germany, KU Leuven in Belgium, .. are developing kites that could solve our energy generation problem.  They believe that these huge kites could generate energy at a the same cost of a nuclear kWh.  But if you consider that these kites generate clean energy without nucleair waste and have no Carbon dioxide emissions, then that energy is much cheaper!

High Altitude Wind

High altitude winds are one of the largest untapped renewable resources in the world.  Professor Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institute for Science at Stanford University published research on the sector and concluded; “There is enough energy in high altitude winds to power civilization 100 times over.”

High Altitude Wind

BAT: The Buoyant Airborne Turbine


KITEnrg, Ampyx Power and Makani

Other companies like KITEnrg,  Ampyx Power in the Netherlands develop commercially available kites and airplanes.


Makani, a Google funded startup,  is developing an airborne wind turbine that generates more energy at lower cost than conventional wind systems. Our turbine uses less material and accesses more consistent wind at higher altitudes.

Storage in Redox Flow Batteries!

We have to store excess wind and solar energy in cost effective high capacity batteries.  Redox flow batteries can be used over and over.  The charged liquid can be store in huge thanks.  Thus almost unlimited capacity to store energy, cost effectively.


Electric Transportations?  Boats? See what Skysails does today.

SkySails out of Germany produces such kites in order to reduce the energy consumption of large ships.  They turn a big container ship or oil tanker in a sail ship. Nice, isn’t it. in Germany


 Electric Cars, finally!


Fly Electric, .. yes why not?!

Zeppelins for slow, long range and  Electric Helicopters for shorter, agile flights..

Electric homes

Homes become more and more energy efficient, and that’s super.  But home’s will have to store their energy, generated overday from their panels.  Or charge, cheap electricity in “off peak” periods (when there is excess wind in the grid) and store that cheap energy for later use when prices will be higher.  The demand of Energy will be managed by Home Energy Management solutions such as eg. Smappee! Tesla is preparing for this big business of local energy storage in home’s!


Finally, putting it all together into “My dream”

I dream of Airborne Wind Energy solution, in the Ocean, all connected with a big Power cable, around the world.  There is always wind somewhere.  As such we would be able to produce 24 by 7 and deliver it anywhere!

Big Energy Harvesting ships, filled with Flow Batteries to store the harvested energy in open sea. Energy harvested at high altitude with kites or planes.  The ships come to land and inject Energy in the Grid or distribute the “charged liquid” from the flow batteries to the municipalities for local, distributed generation of electricity.

As we have less and less base load electricity generation from coal and nuclear power plants, we have to build such end to end solutions to store energy and produce more, cost effective, renewable energy.  Does the above not sound feasible?  Universities, entrepreneurs dedicate their work on those solutions.  Are they stupid?  I don’t think so.

What are we waiting for?  It’s time to act, wake up !


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